You’ve hit your first breastfeeding goal of six months. Now, what’s next?

9 months? A year? Two years?
The second half of breastfeeding is filled with new behaviors and new milestones you have not experienced before.

What happens when baby gets teeth?
How does breastfeeding change when solids are introduced?
Why is my baby so distractible?
What’s involved in nursing a toddler?
How will I know when it is the right time to wean?
What if I want to get pregnant again?
When can I stop pumping at work, but continue to nurse at home?
How do I decrease the frequency of breastfeeding?
How do I night wean?

You may find yourself holding tight to your long-term breastfeeding goal of a year or longer, but burning out on some of the frustrating and inconvenient parts of breastfeeding, like pumping while at work. You may dread weaning and feel anxious about how it all exactly works.

The 5 month+ breastfeeding program walks you through each stage of the second half of breastfeeding, answering questions and providing strategies that you can’t seem to find anywhere else.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Celebrate!

    • Celebrate Your Nursing Relationship

    • Write your child a letter

    • Photographing Breastfeeding

    • Weaning Journaling Prompts

  • 2


    • Weaning

    • Self Assessment #2

    • Choose One Weaning Goal

    • Determine What is Holding You Back

    • What's Holding You Back?

    • Post Weaning Problems

  • 3

    Daytime Weaning Strategies

    • Daytime Weaning Strategies

    • Positive Parenting Strategies for Daytime Weaning

    • Dump the Pump

    • Moms Like You: Lara'a Weaning Story

    • Moms Like You: Leisa's Weaning Story

  • 4

    Nighttime Weaning Strategies

    • How to Wean from Producing Milk

    • Getting Ready to Night Wean

    • Getting Ready to Night Wean

    • Suck to Sleep Association

    • Strategic Bedtime Snacks

    • Rearrange Your Sleep Routine

    • Night Weaning

    • Night Weaning Strategies

  • 5

    Weaning from the pump

    • Dump the Pump

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